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We take complexity and barriers out of virtual desktops.Everyone deserves to benefit from better productivity and collaboration. Apexo workspaces are simple to set-up, and made for any kind and size of business.

Now ALL your desktops can be virtualized and automated effortlessly.
When people work better, your business works better.

Goodbye complexity. Hello simplicity.

tocario simplifies workspaces.

  • Start by downloading our software for free.
  • Follow the guided self-installation to setup the infrastructure and install any x86 operating system in your workspaces.
  • Work and collaborate with others on your desktops.
  • Use Apexo completely free for the first nine desktops.


Forget complex management and enjoy the highest level of automation and user self-service capabilities in the industry.

Our passion is to make your life simple.

The most flexible solution for your
workspace challenges.

Small and Medium Businesses

Made for SMB

Apexo is the easiest way to start with virtual desktops and workspaces. All you need is a server to install it on. The rest is Apexo.

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Medium and Large Enterprises

Closing the gaps of VDI

Apexo closes the gaps of VDI. Run any x86 OS as a workspace. Benefit from the highest level of automation and self-service in the industry. You can even virtualize your legacy systems and machine controls.

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Managed Service Providers

Cloud born technology

Apexo was born as trueDaaS, a cloud based Desktop-as-a-Service Technology for Service Providers. Multi-tenancy, security, Identity and Access Management as well as Cloud sales tools included.

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Join the movement.

Workspaces for

Workspaces forall your needs.

tocario provides the technology to help every team to maximise productivity and collaboration.


Instant desktop collaboration makes work and education easier than ever before.


Work in teams across offices instantly.


Build education and training infrastructures in hours.

Mobile workforce

Empower your employees to work from anywhere on any device – secure. 


Support remote work and home office access.

Any device

Convert any smartphone into a full feature, highly secure thin client.

High security

Stay in control with the highest security level for client computing in the industry.

Zero Trust Desktops

Unique micro-segmentation of desktops, users and tenants.

Encrypt everything

Secure your desktops with sandbox access and native data encryption.

Apps in the cloud

Convert any x86 desktop application and operating system into a cloud service. 

Legacy in the cloud

Convert legacy systems into cloud services & machine controls into IoT

Online software

Offer HTML access to any software for sales, support, training.

Get started with Apexo Workspaces, for free.

Apexo workspace technology is free to start with, easy to set up, and seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. 

Acknowledged as innovator by industry experts.

"I was cheered by a recent briefing with tocario, which approaches the VDI space somewhat differently than the other major players. It is helping define the successor to the VDI space: Digital Workspace."

John Burke
Nemertes Research

"One of the few fully automated DaaS platforms in the industry.
Any x86 OS as a virtual desktop is a game changer."

David Johnson
Forrester Research

"The unique approach of tocario provides a strategic leverage to break up silos.
It is a catalyst for a collaborative culture in enterprises."

Pascal Matzke
Forrester Research

"tocario is a genuine innovator in the space of cloud workspace technologies.
The simple and secure solution offers several advantages, especially for small and medium enterprises."

Rising Star Award
ISG Experton

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